This site is the online hub for public information and involvement related to the Apache Leap Special Management Area Management Plan and Environmental Assessment (EA).

Project Summary

The Tonto National Forest (TNF) is preparing a management plan for the Apache Leap Special Management Area (SMA) as directed by the Carl Levin and Howard P. "Buck" McKeon National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) for Fiscal Year 2015. The NDAA directs that the management plan be prepared in consultation with affected tribes, the Town of Superior in Pinal County, Arizona, Resolution Copper and interested members of the public. The NDAA also directs the exchange of the 110-acre Apache Leap Parcel, presently owned by Resolution Copper, to the TNF. This parcel will be added to an existing 697-acre area of TNF to form the 807-acre area Apache Leap SMA. This area will be managed in accordance with the NDAA.

TNF must consider whether additional measures are necessary to protect the cultural, archaeological, or historical resources of Apache Leap, and to provide access for recreation. The Apache Leap SMA management plan will be written to satisfy the purposes as set forth in the NDAA: “to preserve the natural character of Apache Leap; to allow for traditional use by Native American people; and to protect and conserve cultural and archaeological resources of the area.”

The Apache Leap SMA management plan will establish desired conditions, management objectives, and standards for the approximately 807-acre area in accordance with the NDAA and Forest Service planning requirements.