PHOENIX, October 20, 2017—For Immediate Release. 
Six individuals, two of whom represent a group’s interests, have submitted objections to the Southwestern Region of the Forest Service regarding the Apache Leap Special Management Area and associated plan amendment for the Tonto National Forest.

The objections, along with the Legal Notice, the Tonto National Forest’s proposed management plan, an environmental analysis document, and additional supporting documents may be viewed online at the project website: Apache Leap Special Management Area.

The October 20 publication of the Legal Notice in the “Arizona Capitol Times” initiates a 10-day period during which individuals or organizations with a particular interest in resolution of the objections may request to participate in any objection meetings between the objector(s) and the Forest Service.

Requirements for resolving objections associated with the Apache Leap Special Management Area are outlined in the Code of Federal Regulations at Title 36 Part 219. Specific information is located in Section 219.57 within Subpart B -- Pre-decisional Administrative Review Process.

Either the Reviewing Officer or the objector may request a meeting to resolve the objection.